CelloBello Blog
Online Cello Resource Center

 CelloBello, a website designed to connect cellists of all ages and performance levels. Among the site’s resources are “Cello Lessons,” consisting of footage filmed in my former teacher Paul Katz’s studio with New England Conservatory students; “Legacy” videos from Katz’s own mentors; and the blog streamed through this page, and coauthored by more than a dozen prominent cellists.  

David Finckel
Cello Talks

Cello Talks | Practical & brilliant ‘mini’ cello lessons by David Finckel | Cellist of the Emerson Quartet.

International Music Score Library Project.
Public Domain Music & Scores

Music Score Library | Cello A community-built library of public domain sheet music. Extensive collection of original scores scanned to PDF.

String Visions | Ovation Press
Ovation Press

String Visions | A contemporary resource center for the 21st century classical musician.

Marinus Ensemble

”  Marinus Ensemble, .. established as one of today’s premier chamber music ensembles:

Alex McDonald
McDonald Piano Studio

“…Alex McDonald had fire and brimstone bouncing off the walls … breathtaking fury..!” Harold Duckett

Nadja Lesaulnier
Nadja Lesaulnier | Harpsichord

” Nadja Lesaulnier ..made the already somewhat whimsical music exciting.. at times whispering, then playful. Always exuberant!”  Irene Stolp  

Hannah Kuipers
Hannah Kuipers | Harp

Hannah Kuipers.. a powerful musical presence.” London Sentinel